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  • Women
  • Men
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  • Friends
  • Kids Going to College
  • Any Individual looking to be safer


Learn a real skill-set that WILL increase your awareness, confidence, and abilities

Self-Defense Workshop

Aug. 10 @6:30pm

Spaced is Limited


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 Have you been concerned about the increase in Violence in the Media lately???

Learn How to Keep Safe While Training by a Close Quarter Combat Specialist and like-minded people.

Self-Protection That YOU Deserve!

Learn What True Self-Protection Takes....

YOU have every RIGHT to feel SAFE and STAY SAFE!


But... No one may come to help you until it's too late!


You are RESPONSIBLE for YOUR Safety. It's time to take it SERIOUSLY.

This is a COMPREHENSIVE approach to Self-Defense and Self-Protection in a PRIVATE or SMALL GROUP setting in your LIVING ROOM that has proven tactics to keep YOU and YOUR family safer from Violence.

Who AreWe

RI's Best and Most Trusted Self-Defense Instruction---PERIOD. 


Close Quarter Combat Specialists that have pressure tested what IT TAKES to survive a violent CRIMINAL encounter.


  • Over 30 Years Experience In Martial Arts in RI

  • Instructors Who Have Trained Military and Police Forces or served themselves.

  • Mental Health Education Specialists

  • Have Sifted through the "Crap" that Doesn't Work in Most  Current "Karate" Schools

  • Pressure Test EVERYTHING until it works so You can have CONFIDENCE that YOU learned Tactics that WORK!

  • Specialist in:

    Women Self-Defense in RI, Individual Self Defense, Corporate Workshops, General Self-Protection, Improvised Weapons

  • Back Up our Program with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We Have Helped Hundreds of Rhode Islanders Stay Safe and We Want to Help You...

What You Will Learn:

Criminals Have a Plan, don't you think You DESERVE one too?

  • Things to do before a Crime Occurs

    These are things we often overlook and take for granted.  The preventative strategies such as setting boundaries, looking confident, being situationally awareto keep safer

  • Assess the Criminal's Intentions

    Are they a threat or just someone walking by? What does a criminal look like? What is TOO Close?

  • Using Verbal and Non Verbal Tactics for Safety

    We can stop most threats with our words alone.  Know What to Say, How to Say IT, and What to Do to take an EFFECTIVElY de-escalate a situation. 

  • Hitting and Protecting

    We teach you hot to HIT, and HIT HARD, how to COVER UP, how to use your SURROUNDINGS as obstacles to help you, how to use natural nearby things as WEAPONS

  • Scenarios with Resistance

    We cover Car Jackings, Muggings, Multiple Attackers, Managing Crowds, Elevator Attacks, Stairway Assaults, and more...

  • Keep it BASIC and EFFECTIVE

    We cut through the fat so you don't have to learn and remember hundreds of techniques that you will forget when you need them. KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!

  • What to Do After The Attack

    We teach you what to do Post Conflict, so you have a complete plan for Success.  What to Say to First Responders and how to care for your wounds.


    Our Instructors are Certified CPR and First Aid Instructors, as well as Licensed Professionals In Combatives. 


Don't take our word. Listen to our Happy Clients....



I took a self defense class with a couple of co-workers, and it was great class ! Mike took the time to educate us, and explained everything ! He demonstrated techniques and made sure everyone was doing it correct before moving on. I learned a lot from just one class, and look forward to going again. I highly recommend!!!.”

Groove-Pin Corporation

Corporate Review

"All of our participants liked this event because they thought it helped teach them practical and useful skills. They also learned how to confidently recognize and respond to certain situations. Michael was an enthusiastic instructor who made the class accessible for each participant."


Father of 2 Boys

Concerned Parent

“Walked in there a soft spoken, little confidence person and 1 hour with Mike I went from sheep to wolf. I'm the least confrontational person you'll meet but I'm now ready for it if it happens."

Town Of Burrilleville

Municipality Review

“It was an Excellent Workshop! Very Informative! It gave helpful ideas of mindfulness and how to try  to stop something before anything happens. He also made it so all of us (in shape or not) could participate. He had a great personality and made a positive impact on me. ”


Predict, Prepare, and Respond...

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I feel so confident that our workshops will give you such value, that I will provide you with a 100%, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  If you feel that you have not received the best in quality instruction, simply ask for a refund.  I take pride in keeping people safer and with that, comes my dedication to sound tactics I teach. 

Michael Orsini


515 Greenville Ave. Johnston, RI 02919


(401) 949 5600

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